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MALLS INTERNATIONAL markets and sells, through commerce-enabled websites, products that are both exciting and earth-friendly. Visit ElectricVehicleMall.com and High5Scooters.com where you'll find the latest in electric transportation including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric bicycles, electric trikes and electric tricycles, fast electric mobility scooters, electric stand-up scooters, electric pocket bikes, electric go-carts, electric skateboards, electric ATVs, and electric utility vehicles, all at the lowest prices available on the web! Some models are powered by the Lithium Ion batteries which have the advantage of being both lightweight and very long lasting! Coming soon: eScooterDepot.com , EVMall.us , and ElectronRides.com.

iTOTALHEALTH is a internet based company that markets and sells products to reverse disease and dramatically improve human health. These products are developed and formulated on the basis that the body can and will heal itself when given the correct nutrition and care. Visit www.iTotalHealth.com. COMING SOON: NaturesBoutique.biz.

DATA DELI is an internet portal that provides individuals and businesses with timely access to a variety of key information such as DRUG-EDUCATION.INFO (Drug Facts and Editorials), OzoneDepletion.info (a guide and teachers' aid on Stratospheric Ozone Depletion), and Clearwater Links (Places to go, stay and see in sunny Clearwater, Florida). Data Deli also places affiliate ads on owned domains with high relevance key words such as HormonesForLife.com and IrritableBowelRelief.com. COMING SOON: ReadAGoodBook.net, EVWorld.info, and EVNews.mobi.

THETA PRODUCTIONS embraces a writers' studio, an independent motion picture enterprise and a marketing company. It is composed of writers, directors and producers who create novels, multimedia CDs and films with high entertainment and educational value. It's marketing arm employs specialized marketing technology to produce highly effective commercials that drive customers to your expanding business. NOTE: The motion picture and marketing arms of Theta Productions are still under development.

CYBERSPACE PRODUCTIONS provides web-site design and construction. internet marketing and ecommerce for small to large businesses combining art with the latest in web technologies. This includes webstores with seamlessly integrated shopping carts and automated back-offices that efficiently expand businesses' reach into the local and international on-line community.

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